Traffic Safety Products

Delineator Base

Glo Post base made from vulcanized rubber

Octagonal delineator base. High density vulcanized rubber with a convenient hand grip. rated for -30˚c.11.2 lbs

Loop Top Delineator Post

Delineator post with convenient loop top

High visibility orange PE post with two bands of

4" H.I. reflective tape. 44" High x 4" Diameter.

Base sold separately

Rubber Parking Curbs

Rubber Parking Curb. Available in 6' and our exclusive 7' heavy duty model

Durable, vulcanized rubber parking curbs with high visibility yellow panels on all 4 sides. Moulded surface bumps for anti-slip surface. Installed with four 14" Rebar spikes. 72"x 4"x6"

Exclusive 7' Parking Stop


Exclusive 7' Summit Parking Stop. Heavy duty, durable, vulcanized rubber will protect cars from damage. Installed with 5 Rebar spikes. 7"x5"x84" 60 lbs

6' Speed Bump

Rubber Speed Bump

6' Speed Bumps with high visibility yellow bands. Imbedded crystals (cat eyes) for night visibility. Slots for wires or pipes. Installed with four 14" Rebar spikes.  Optional end caps available. 

Speed Bump End Caps

Speed Bump End Caps

Optional End Caps for the 6' Speed Bumps


14" Rebar Spikes

rebar for installing rubber curbs and speed bumps

14" Rebar Spikes x 1/2" Diameter.

Galvanized. Packs of 4 in boxes of 48

Control Base

Control Base molded from vulcanized rubber. 24"x24"x2". 50lbs.

50 lb. vulcanized rubber Control Base. 

Designed to secure temporary traffic signs, tents, awnings, and displays. 24"x24"x2"

Traffic Barrel


Traffic Barrel. 16" Base diameter.

Canadian Made. Summit Rubber exclusive Vulcanized Rubber Base sold separately

Barrel Base

Rubber Barrel Base

Custom molded base made for 16" Traffic Barrel. Sloped for water drainage. 20 lbs.

Sidewalk Paver

Rubber Sidewalk Block

24"x24"x1" Rubber Paver with checker plate embossed pattern. 


Traffic Safety Products

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