ProShield Water Proofing & Commercial Flat Roofing

ProShield - Save 50%


Save the time and hassle of a full tear-off with the ProShield multi-layered monolithic membrane system. You will have a thicker, tougher, longer lasting roofing system while also saving the cost of removal and disposal.

A Better Way


ProShield eliminates the inherent weaknesses found in conventional roofing membranes: seams, penetrations and terminations, limited elongation, easily damaged, low chemical resistance, susceptible to UV deterioration, and most importantly no redundancy

The 5 Step System


1) First ProShield membrane - 30mil

2  Imbedded Nylon Fabric for tensile strength

3)  Second ProShield membrane - 30mil

4)  Polyurethane Base Coat - 15 mil

5)  Polyurethane Wear Coat - 15 mil

Polyurethane Top Coats


The ProShield monolithic membrane is capped off with durable polyurethane. Two coats are applied, each in different colours. Inspection and maintenance is simple. Identify any base coat colour showing through and apply a low cost 15mil renewal sacrificial coat.

Extend Your Roof's Life


Sustainability is the guiding principle of every ProShield product. The ProShield economical renewable systems can double or even triple a 10-15 year life expectancy. For commercial flat roofing and roofing contractors contact us today.

Renewable Warranty


The ProShield 10 or 15 year warranty is a non-prorated, leak-proof warranty. After inspections, and any maintenance to the top coat is done, the Warranty is renewed and backed by ProShield Coating Technologies Inc.

More Details

Environmental – Sustainable – Renewable

ProShield Coating Technology Seamless Elastomeric Membranes. The Lifetime Renewable systems are economical and end the expensive roofing replacement cycle and the environmental impact on our landfills. If your existing roof is 7–10 years of age, now is the time to stop the aging and degeneration/loss of its waterproofing properties. A proactive approach will save you money eliminating tear-off, disposal, and reinsulation and replacement membrane costs.

  • One of the major advantages of the ProShield System is that options are single component elastomeric; either a polymer modified bitumen or silicone used as a restoration coating system over conventional roofing membranes.

  • This application process is a monolithic seal of the entire roof eliminating all seams and terminations at roof penetrations thus eliminating the Achilles heel and principle failure points that are the cause of product failure on conventional sheet membrane roofing systems.

  • Early intervention before failure allows rehabilitation of the existing material; leaving a repaired membrane and allowing us to apply a protective sacrificial wear layer. This addresses another huge short coming of single plies – No Redundancy.

  • Unlike the thin single ply products that are easily cut or sliced ProShield is virtually puncture resistant.

  • ProShield products fully bond to any clean substrate, eliminating water tracking beneath the membrane and display excellent elongation & recovery with the ability to withstand continuous thermal cycling to cope with extremes in climate.

  • ProShield Low VOC coatings are cold sprayed applied on site without heat, tape, adhesives or joints. Therefore, it will not become brittle or crack unlike other systems.

  • All ProShield Membranes are lifetime renewable saving money, resources and the environment.

  •  “Cool Roof Reflective Defender and Extreme” option delivers reduced energy costs (cooling) and eliminates the “Heat Island Effect”. Another added benefit is it stops the natural aging and deterioration of the membrane caused by UV rays and large fluctuations in temperatures.

  • The ProShield System is resistant to aging and ultraviolet exposure, non-toxic, odourless and environmentally friendly with (10) to (20) year warranties available

Contact David Ziemann - Authorized ProShield Representative 604-378-0065
Contact David Ziemann - Authorized ProShield Representative 604-378-0065